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"How to" videos

A series of short videos outlining the basic functionality within the system. More detailed user information is available by referring to the vendor supplied help materials available within the system.

Subject Summary
Introduction An overview of basic navigation, using Search, modifying your user profile and subscribing to notifications
Dashboards Create a single page that displays multiple un-related reports, views of external web pages and Activity views.  You can create multiple dashboards based on your needs, and share with other users
Activities Allows you to show items from one or more work item feeds, giving you a single, easily navigatable view of information pertinent to your daily work.
Calendars A data-based view of information in a calendar format
Reports An introdcution to all the various report styles available
Backlogs Backlogs provide a prioritised view of work items
Kanban Boards Track work items, and avoid bottlenecks. Use a Kanban to help identify the status and priority of work items and track the overall progress
Folders Folders enable you to group related items together to minimise the need for navigating or searching.
Notes Everything about the use of Notes within the system and all the potential different views of Notes available.

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